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Speakeasy Studios SF

"Tired Girls" by Anna Hillburg

"Tired Girls" by Anna Hillburg

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Speakeasy 007 - Limited Edition Vinyl LP.  160 gram Black Vinyl pressed at 33rpm.  First Edition of 250. 

“Tired Girls,” the third full-length studio album by Bay Area singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anna Hillburg, comes out Friday, October 13, 2023, on Speakeasy Studios SF. Co-produced and recorded with Jason Quever of the Papercuts, the pair created an album for lovers of finely crafted and supremely catchy chamber pop. 

As always Hillburg’s voice takes center stage, but for “Tired Girls” she made a conscious choice to dig deeper into her trumpet skills and make more elaborate horn arrangements than her previous records. Lyrically, Hillburg dives into what it is to be a contemporary woman, and how one perseveres, finds inspiration, creates, loves, and lives. 

Recorded throughout 2022 at Quever’s studio, the two built dreamy soundscapes with long-time collaborators Logan Kroeber on drums (The Dodos), Josh Miller on bass (Chime School, Extra Classic), and Yea Ming Chen on keys.

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