#Poundsign# Live Shows


Mar 19th - Santa Cruz, Ca at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall - w/ Pansy Division, Heavens To Betsy, Excuse 17, Lunchpail, and Tickle
May 18th Wednesday - Santa Cruz, Ca at Kresge College Idler Cafe with Jedi Youth League, Earmite
June 4th, Saturday- Santa Cruz, Ca at 322 Main St Apt A with Poastal
July 31st Sunday - Huntington Beach, Ca at The Huntington Beach Library with Sub Rosa Commission, Poastal, Nuzzle, Kelly Charger, Emily's Sassy Lime
Aug 13th Saturday, 13th Santa Cruz, Ca at Ferrell's Donuts w/ Poundsign, Poastal, Shove, Sea Foam Green
Nov 12th Saturday - Santa Cruz, Ca at 315 Walnut with Poastal, Captain Swing, Switched at Birth


May 25th - Palo Alto, Ca on KZSU Stanford Radio
July 4th - Los Angeles, Ca on KXLU FM - with Emery Evergreen, The Fisticuffs Bluff, Nuzzle, Poastal, Pussycat Flanegan, Still Life
Aug 17th Thurs - Chico, California - Superwinners Summer Rock Academy with Poastal, The Imps, Becky Sagers, Nothing Rhyms With 0
Bellingham, Washington with Poastal
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon at the Rexxall Rose with The Softies
Nov 3rd Fri - Santa Cruz, Ca at Ferrell's Donuts with Track Star and Oliver Brown


Feb 2 Fri - Berkeley, Ca at UC Berkeley Sproul Plaza (Free noon show)
Feb 3 Sat - San Francisco, Ca at The Purple Onion with Galaga, Creeper Lagoon
Mar 9 Sat - San Francisco, Ca at the Purple Onion with Pomeraneans, Henrys Dress
July 20 Sat - Berkeley, Ca at The Dungeon with Tullycraft, Nuzzle, Scenic Vermont, Megaweapon
Volvo Tour
Seattle Wa, Velvet Elvis with Henry's Dress?
Portland OR with Henry's Dress (Bar Four)
Madison, Wi? Camped in our tent at Stephen's family, Alicia saw first firefly
Aug 2nd Fri - Detroit, MI at Zoot's Coffee with Townies, MacPherson
Need to fill tour dates...
Washington DC at Jeff's House
Chapel Hill, NC?
Athens, GA?
Atlanta with Imperial Teen
Nashville with Imperial Teen
Phoenix AZ with Imperial Teen
Sept 4th Wed - SF @ BOTH with Henry's Dress, Tullycraft, Dora Flood, Pete
Nov 3rd Sun - SF @ BOTH with Henry's Dress, A.K.E.


Jan 10 Fri - SF @ BOTH with Granite Pass, Pete
Apr 29 Tue - SF @ BOTH with Henry's Dress, Habitrail
June 5 Thurs - Oakland, Ca at The Stork Club with The Potatomen
June 6th Fri - Berkeley, Ca at Chateau Co-op 2545 Hillegass with Potatomen, Nar, Angora
July 7th Mon - San Francisco, Ca at 111 Minna Street with Miracle Research Center Staff (Pee), Scenic Vermont, The Pomeranians
July 9th Tue - SF @ BOTH with Autocollants, Skypark
July 11, 12th - Seattle, WA for the Popfest NW with The Softies, The New Bad Things, The Autocollants, Kissing Book, Gaze, 764-Hero
Aug 6th Wed - SF @ BOTH with Subcircus
Sept 13th - Berkeley @ YWCA w/ The Aislers Set, Nova Scotia, Jakarta
US Tour in Ford Escort
Bloomington w Aden and Ashtray Boy
Columbus OH
Bowling Green house show
Cleveland (?) with bunnygrunt
Toronto w Aden and Ashtray Boy
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Repo Records In Store (don't know when)
SUNY Stonybrook
the Fez in Manhattan
Pam Berry's House in DC
Sept 30 Tuesday - Athens, GA at the 40 Watt w/ Masters of the Universe (Hemisphere), Gritty Kitty
St. Louis with Bunnygrunt
Nov 16th Sun -SF @ BOTH with Aden, Petrol


Mar 17th Tue - SF @ BOTH with Julie Plug, The Magnetic
Apr 28th Tue - SF @ BOTH with Month of Sundays, Wussom*Pow!
Jun 7th - San Francisco at Brent & Jaime's backyard w/ The Aislers Set, Rocketship, and Fairways(?)
Aug 30th- SF@ IL Pirata w/ The Aislers Set & The Calculators
Aug 31 Mon - SF @ BOTH with The Lucksmiths, Solarium
Sep 4th- Wilmington, CA @ PCH Club w/ The Aislers Set, Casino Ashtrays and Boyish Charms
Sep 5th- Tuscon, AZ @ Brandon's house w/ The Aislers Set
Sep 6th- Alburquerque, NM @ Fred's w/ The Aislers Set and The Shins
Sep 7th- Lubbock, TX w/ The Aislers Set
Sep 8th - Austin, TX @ Electric Lounge w/ The Aislers Set & The Mollies
Sep 11th - Athens, GA @ Five Star Day Cafe w/ The Aislers Set & the Masters of the Hemisphere
Sep 12th- Chapel Hill, NC @ Duke U. Coffee House w/ The Aislers Set & Papa Luna
Sep 13th- Washington DC @ The Galaxy Hut w/ The Aislers Set, The Fairways and The Still
Sep 14th- Washington D.C @ DCCD w/ The Aislers Set (live in-store)
Sep 15th- Washington DC @ The Galaxy Hut w/ The Aislers Set, The Heartworms & The Lucksmiths
Sep 16th- Philidelphia, PA @ La Salle U. with The Fairways and Aden
Sep 17th- NYC, NY @ NYU Loeb Student Center w/ The Aislers Set, Real Simon Pure & The Fairways
Sep 18th- Philidelphia, PA @ Swarthmore U. w/ The Aislers Set, The Fairways and Nothing Painted Blue
Sep 19th- Brooklyn, NY @ Shelflife's "September Set" Fest in Brooklyn
Sep 22nd- Columbus, OH @ Bernie's w/ The Aislers Set & Tiara
Sep 23rd- Bowling Green, OH w/ The Aislers Set & Metronome
Sep 24th- Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick w/ The Aislers Set & The Sights
Sep 25th- Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ The Aislers Set & E. Elmore
Sep 28th- Denver, CO @ 15th St. Grill w/ The Aislers Set & Dressy Bessy
Sep 29th- Alburquerque, NM @ House Party w/ The Aislers Set and The Shins
Oct 3rd- SF @ BOTH w/ The Aislers Set & The Push Kings
Nov 14th Sat - SF @ BOTH with Imperial Teen, lowercase, Track Star


Jan 2nd- Oakland @ Lunchbox house w/ Boyish Charms, The Fairways, The Aislers Set and Lunchbox
Jan 8th Fri - SF @ BOTH with The Fairways, Saturnine
Jan 30 Sat - Berkeley, Ca - Poundsign live on UC Berkeley Radio KALX 90.7FM 9pm
Apr 3rd- Osaka, Japan @ Namba Rockets w/ The Aislers Set, Love Pandarins
Apr 5th- Tokyo, Japan @ Ebis Milk w/ The Aislers Set & Capsule Giants
Apr 7th- Fukuoka, Japan @ Kieth Flack w/ The Aislers Set, Capsule Giants & Running Catch
Apr 9th- Miyazaki, Japan @ Weather King w/ The Aislers Set
April 16 Fri - SF @ BOTH with The Fairways, Aden
May 22nd - SF @ BOTH w/ The Aislers Set & Wussom Pow
July 11th Sun - SF @ BOTH SF Popfest with Boyish Charms, Bubblegum to Sky, Dressy Bessy, The I Live The Life Of A Moviestar, Secret Hideout, The Brother Egg, Unbunny
Oct 3 Sun - SF @ BOTH with Masters of The Hemisphere, The Boyish Charms, The Fairways, Convoy, The Gravel Pit
Dec 2nd Thu - SF @ BOTH with The Lucksmiths, Kissing Book
Jan 24th -SF @ Coco Club w/ Fairways, Poundsign & Lunchbox
Jul 15th- SF @ BOTH 2001 Pop Fantasy with Rocketship, Aerospace, The How, Benett, Lunchbox, Yuji Oniki
July 28th Sat - SF @ BOTH with Jonathan Richman, The Fairways
NY with Kissing Book? Brownies
Nov 14th Wed - Philadelphia, PA at the Philadelphia Ethical Society with Kissing Book, The Snow Fairies


Feb 14th Thu - SF @ BOTH with Dear Nora, Papercuts, The Mosquitoes
Late 2002 San Francisco, Ca at the Edinburgh Castle


May 29 Fri - Brooklyn, NY at Cameo for the NY Pop Fest
June 4th Thurs - San Francisco, Ca at the Hemlock Tavern for the SF Popfest with Yea-Ming and the Rumours, Arts and Leisure, Teenage Chain