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Speakeasy Studios SF

"In The Store" by The Lost Days - Limited Edition Vinyl

"In The Store" by The Lost Days - Limited Edition Vinyl

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Speakeasy 005 - Limited edition black vinyl LP of “In The Store,” the debut album by The Lost Days, who are Tony Molina and Sarah Rose Janko, released on Speakeasy Studios SF.  Ships April 14, 2023.  Inspired by the solo work of Bill Fox, The Byrds, Dear Nora and Guided by Voices, recorded at friend Nick Bassett’s basement studio on his Yamaha MT8X 8 track.  The album is an exercise in true DIY lo-fi analog home recorded tradition, with songs that are a unique blend of folk and pop, crafted with a love of Beatles melody and ‘65 era Rolling Stones instrumentation. 

 Characterized by 60’s folk rock arrangements, with jangly 12 string guitars, bright tambourine, swells of Hammond organ, and Byrd’s style harmonies, the songs are a groovier take on Molina’s signature pop-gem writing style, pulled together with Vampire On Titus era GBV recording methods. 

“It was really about an obsession with the first three Bill Fox LPs, and finding a newfound freedom in home recording with Sarah that set the concept in motion.  The Lost Days was a collaboration in which we were tapping into our love of traditional songwriting.  We felt that recording to cassette at our friend’s house was the best way to capture the songs,” Tony says.

In The Store was released on March 17, 2023 on Speakeasy Studios SF, a new label run by friend Alicia Vanden Heuvel of the Aislers Set, which is fitting for an album recorded with friends and by friends, as Alicia and Tony’s were long term Slumberland labelmates and as Alicia produced & recorded the new Dawn Riding album You’re Still Here with Sarah Rose in her analog home studio.

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